Motosas: What is it? Everything you should know


Motosas are a unique way to explore scenic routes on a motorcycle while enjoying a breath of fresh air and a cup of coffee. It’s essentially motorcycle touring combined with a portable coffee brewing setup.

What are Motosas?

The term “Motosa” combines “Moto,” which is short for motorcycle, and “SA,” which likely stands for “strada” (Italian for road) or “sip.” It’s a relatively new trend, but it’s gaining popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy the freedom of the open road and a good cup of joe.

Origins and history

Pinpointing the exact origin of Motosas is tricky. However, the rise of social media platforms like YouTube showcasing scenic motorcycle rides with portable coffee brewing has likely fueled the trend.

Components and ingredients

There’s no single “Motosa kit,” but enthusiasts typically use a combination of:

  • Motorcycle: Any motorcycle can be used for Motosas, but adventure touring motorcycles with comfortable seating and storage space are popular choices.
  • Portable coffee maker: A variety of options exist, from manual pour-over setups to small, portable espresso machines.
  • Coffee beans and grinder: Freshly ground coffee beans are preferred for optimal flavor.
  • Water source: A refillable water container ensures a steady supply for brewing.
  • Cups and mugs: Reusable options are ideal for a sustainable Motosa experience.

How to make Motosas

The beauty of Motosas lies in its simplicity. Here’s a general process:

  1. Choose a scenic route and plan your stops.
  2. Pack your motorcycle with your chosen coffee setup, beans, grinder, water, and cups.
  3. Find a safe spot to pull over and enjoy the view.
  4. Brew your coffee using your preferred method.
  5. Relax, sip your coffee, and take in the scenery.

The Motosa Lifestyle

Popularity and cultural impact

Motosas are gaining traction among motorcycle communities, particularly those who appreciate the combination of adventure and relaxation. Social media has played a significant role in spreading the trend, with riders sharing their Motosa experiences online.

Ideal motorcycle picks for enjoying Motosas

While any motorcycle can be used for Motosas, some features make the experience more enjoyable. Adventure touring motorcycles with comfortable seats, wind protection, and ample storage space for coffee gear are popular choices.

Etiquette and safety considerations

Always prioritize safety. Pull over to a safe location when brewing and enjoying your coffee. Be mindful of traffic and avoid stopping on narrow roads or shoulders. Respect the environment by disposing of coffee grounds properly and adhering to local regulations.

Environmental Impact

Emissions and pollution

Motorcycle emissions contribute to air pollution. Consider carpooling or using public transportation for shorter trips.

Electric Motosas and sustainability

The growing popularity of electric motorcycles offers a more sustainable option for Motosas enthusiasts. Electric motorcycles produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing their environmental impact.

Regulations and Laws

Licensing and registration

Ensure your motorcycle has proper registration and licensing for your area.

Local restrictions and zoning

Some areas might have restrictions on open fires or camping. Research local regulations before brewing coffee outdoors during your Motosa adventure.

Future trends in Motosas technology

The future of Motosas might see advancements in portable coffee brewing technology. Smaller, lighter, and more efficient coffee makers specifically designed for motorcycle travel could emerge.


Motosas offer a unique way to experience the joy of motorcycling while indulging in a cup of coffee and breathtaking views. By prioritizing safety, respecting the environment, and following regulations, you can make the most of your Motosa adventures.