Nikke Advise Guide: Top Strategies to Master Bond Levels

Nikke Advise Guide

In Nikke: Goddess of Victory, building strong bonds with your Nikkes goes beyond just affection. Higher bond levels unlock stat boosts and improve your overall squad performance. This guide will equip you with the top strategies to master bond levels and strengthen your Valkyrie team.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory Overview

Nikke throws you into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monstrous aberrations known as the Rapture. You command a squad of badass Valkyries, each with unique personalities and combat styles. The core gameplay revolves around strategic squad building and real-time battles. While blasting enemies is fun, don’t forget to nurture your bond with your Nikkes! Bond level caps increase with Limit Breaks, with Pilgrims reaching a maximum of 40 compared to the standard 30 for other Nikkes.

Mastering Bond Levels in Nikke

There are two main ways to raise bond levels: advising and giving gifts.

Advising: This is your daily heart-to-heart with a Nikke. Each conversation offers answer choices, and picking the right one nets you the most bond points (100). Maximize your daily interactions by focusing on Nikkes you prioritize. There are resources online that compile the best answers for each Nikke, so don’t hesitate to look them up!

Gifts: Shower your Nikkes with thoughtful presents! Different gift types exist, with company and squad gifts offering bonus bond points if they match the Nikke’s affiliation (Elysion, Missilis, Tetra Line, Pilgrim). Universal gifts work for everyone, but the others provide a bigger boost. Daily Dispatch missions, Bla-Bla conversations, and Co-Op are some ways to score these precious gifts.

Understanding a Nikke’s story and personality goes a long way in choosing the right answers and gifts. Pay attention to voice lines and character bios to get a feel for what they like. For example, if a Nikke craves sweets, gifting them a company chocolate bar (if available) would be a perfect fit.

Top Strategies for Maximizing Bond Levels

Trivia and Fan Feed: The Nikke community thrives online! Fan feeds and forums are treasure troves of trivia and insights into Nikke preferences. Learn their favorite foods, hobbies, or past experiences. This intel can be invaluable when choosing advise answers or selecting gifts.

Nikke Community: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The Nikke community is full of passionate players who love sharing their knowledge. Join online discussions, forums, or guilds to get advice on specific Nikkes or strategies for maximizing bond levels.

Adapting from Gacha Games: Veterans of gacha games might already have a toolbox of strategies. Look for commonalities in how other games handle character bonds and see if you can adapt those tactics to Nikke. This can give you a head start in understanding the system and maximizing your bond-building efficiency.


Building strong bonds with your Nikkes is a rewarding experience in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. By utilizing advising and gifts effectively, understanding your Nikkes, and leveraging the Nikke community, you can unlock their full potential and dominate the battlefield. Remember, Valkyries fight better when they feel appreciated, so go forth and strengthen those bonds!